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Monday, January 16, 2012

I Never Lived To See My 30th Birthday

This is a true story. I was only 22 years old. This story was my cry that I told everyone I could. I told my Mother that I feel like I will not live to see my 30th birthday. She said, you should not worry about those things. She told me that no one knows the day we will pass away.

I also told my Dad and he said, you are young enjoy your life. You'll be OK.

So, I went on about my life. Trying to do what my parents told me to do. Not to think on this subject anymore.

I told my brother in law about my feelings that I would not live to be 30 years old. Lee was a funny guy. I never had an older brother. So Lee became the one I looked up to as I would my big brother. He would say some funny things, at the time you lest expected it. When I told him this he said, we will see if you make it. And we laughed.

So, I continued to enjoy my youth feeling good and hanging out with my friends. But, from time to time the thought would cross my minded again. I could not shake the thought. The thought always remained, it would never go away.

On August 1984 my best friend Harald committed suicide. And my life fell apart. I felt that I had fallen so far that I would have to reach up to touch the bottom. I was in real danger.

I lost grip on life and I became homeless. My life hit rock bottom. I was trying to make sense out of, what is the point of life? Why are we born only to die? Life to me at that point in my life had no purpose. Tears filled my eyes as I cried out, WHY???

I was sitting on a bench on the side of the road. In downtown Guthrie, Oklahoma. And I was homeless. And I did not have a dime to my name. I was thinking what am I going to do? I did not even have a job. And it was September 1984.

Just before sunset my sister Diane pulled up in her car and said? What's up? All I could say was, can I talk to you? She said, sure get in the car.

I started telling her about all my problems. And believe me I had a lot of problems at that time in my life. I told her that I have no place to stay. She said, move in with us. Her husband Lee and their 4 children. So, I did.

Now it was October 1984 and on December 3, 1984. I would turn 30 years old. And I began to think to myself. Is this how it is all going to end for me?

I started telling my sister Diane about the deep feelings I was having. About that I would not live to see my 30th birthday.

Diane said, that she will pray for me. And told me to give it to Jesus. Diane had been a Christian for many years. She was the one who showed me faith in action. And that is the truth. Diane is a lady of true faith in action.

God has used Diane a mighty way in my life. She is a lady after God's heart. A lady of God.

So, as time past. She always told me that Jesus can help me. She was the only Christian I knew that never wavered in her faith in Jesus Christ.

She started sharing some things about Jesus and the Bible. And soon I went to Church with her. And I began to see that there is more to life than just being born and die one day.

So, on November 22, 1984 I got saved. And I became born again and received Jesus Christ as my Savior and the Lord of my life. And on my birthday on December 1984 I realized that I turned 30 years old. And I was saved and born again. The old me never lived to see my 30th birthday. I was absolutely amazed.

That is my testimony about what Jesus Christ did for me.

Jesus Loves You

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