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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ariel Sharon has died, aged 85. 1-11-14 Saturday

THE RABBI WHO FOUND MESSIAH! Said, That Jesus will show himself as Israel's Messiah shortly after Ariel Sharon's death.

Ariel Sharon has died, aged 85. 1-11-14 Saturday

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Friday, September 27, 2013

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Cross Was Bent - But Not Broken

I share this message with all my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. I dedicate this letter to the lady who wore this cross and to the God she loves. I called her the lady after Gods heart.

Here is her story.

Her name is Linda. I was married to her for 26 years. One day we got divorced. That was a very sad and painful day for me. And still is to this day. We remained friends the rest of her life on this earth. And we are still friends to this day. We have 3 beautiful sons. They are grown men now. And we are very proud of them.

Linda loved to help and support the "Feed The Children Ministry." She was so honored and happy, that God would use her to help to feed the hungry people all over the world. She received many rewards for her faithful support and commitment to help stop world hunger.

Back in the year of 1984. Linda and I went on a beautiful 375 mile journey for God. God called me to build a 12 foot by 6 foot cross and carry it from Guthrie, Oklahoma to Okla.City, Oklahoma. A 32 mile walk with the cross. Wow, Linda and I was so excited. It was Dec.22, 1984, three days before Christmas that we began this journey.

We began walking with the cross just as God ask us too. Our message was to share with everyone we met along the way that "Jesus Loves You." You can read about the walk with the cross by clicking here
The Diary Of The Cross

After a few years walking with the cross. God told us that our walk with the cross is now completed. So all the miles we had walked with the cross came to a total of 375 miles. This was the most peaceful time of our life. We got to share it together and with our two sons. Our youngest son was not born yet, but she was pregnant with him as we walked with the cross. We always talked about the walk with the cross.

Linda always wore a cross necklace.

On Aug.23, 2012 at 9 Am Thursday. I got a phone call from the Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. The lady on the phone said. Are you John? I said yes, Why? She said, I need you to contact Linda's family as soon as possible. I ask why? She said, that Linda has been in a server car crash. She is in critical condition and most likely will not survive. Oh God I cried out, no, no, no. Not Linda... She died of Bunt Force Torso Trauma. How sad. She was a great lady.

At 11 Am two hours later I received a phone call from my youngest son in Phoenix that Mom has past away. I was devastated. It was as if I was spiritual wounded. A wounded spirit. I Was shaken to the core of my being.

My 2 oldest sons and I drove all night. A 1000 mile one way trip to go and get their youngest brother and bring him home with us. So we all could grieve together, over their Moms sudden death. She was 53 years old, born on 8-15-1958 and passed away at 8:15 Am Phoenix time.

Some time later my youngest son was showing me the things that the nurse gave him, at the hospital that she had with her the morning of the crash.

As he was showing me her belongings. He handed the cross necklace that she was waring that morning. And all of a sudden my eyes filled with tears. Because of what I saw.

What I was holding was a bent cross and the necklace was not broken. Amazing.... That the necklace was not broken.

It shows the violence that was taking place in her pick up, as she struggled for her life.

My oldest son seen the cross necklace and ask me. What does that say about the cross? All I could say was. It shows us all the pain at the cross.

People, please listen closely.

There is a real battle taking place every minute of everyday for your soul. And the way of the cross is the only way to get to Heaven. There is no other way or any religions to be saved and go to Heaven but through Jesus Christ John 14:6. This is the message that Linda shared with everyone she met in her life on this earth. And now she is in the safe arms of Jesus Christ. Her struggles are over and ours continues.

Don't let any one deceive you into believing that there are many roads to Heaven. We don't know when we will pass away. So, don't put it off any longer. Receive Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord before it is to late.

Jesus Loves You

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Are All Prayers Answered?

This is a question that I think everyone has ask at one time or another in their life time.

Just because we don't see with our eyes something taking place that we prayed about. Does not mean our prayer was not answered. The Bible says that a wicked generation wants to see signs so that they will believe.

Our part is to pray that God's will be done. That is the only correct and Biblical way to pray. It is not about our wants. God knows what is best way to answer our prayers. He knows what will happen to us in the future, if He was to answer that prayer the way we want Him too.

In the Bible it says. If we pray by faith and do not waver in our faith. Our prayers will be answered. Do you believe that this is true? I know I do. But what is the deep spiritual meaning to this verse about "Do not waver in our faith?"

The true meaning of this verse is. To study the person in the Bible who knew how to pray and get every prayer answered.

That person is Jesus Christ.

When Jesus was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, He prayed. Father if it is your will let this cup pass from me. Never the less not my will but your will be done.

That My Brothers and Sisters in Christ is how everyone of us, that are of the Body of Christ should pray at all times. And if we truly trust in God's promises. We know that He will always do what is best for us.

It is not based on what we want or how we feel about something. It is always about what God wants and what He sees what is the best way to answer our prayers. We should never base our prayers on our feelings.

Most of us who are born again Christians have been misled by those who teach that God will give us the things we want. We act like spoiled children always wanting something. But never happy with what we already have. Many of us treat God as if He is Santa Claus. What a joke.

Jesus said that the multitude after He fed them. That they only follow Him because He fed them the other day. They only followed Him to get something. They loved to see what else they would get from Jesus. They followed Him thinking that they could live the good life now on earth.

If we always focus on the things that we can get on earth. We will not be focused on the things above. Because we will only be wanting something else later, so we can enjoy our life on earth. And that is true. Just look around you and you will see this taking place daily. Most people are living for the riches that they can gather on earth. Not focusing on the riches in heaven. How sad but it is true.

Example: Here is a prayer that I am praying for. But I am praying that if it is God's will I will receive it.

I am praying for God to bless me with an up to date Lap Top computer. So I can continue writing more booklets like this one. For the Glory of God.

Because the Lap Top I have right now, is full of problems and flat wore out.

Remember the example that Jesus taught us to pray.

1. First pray, for what you would like to have. Take this cup from me. (This is what Jesus wanted to happen)
2. Next pray, Never the less Father your will be done.

Now praying that way every prayer will get answered. God will answer every prayer according to His will not ours.

That my friend is how to get every prayer answered. By praying the way Jesus did.

Jesus Loves You

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Power of the Spirit!

It is not a question about if the Spirit is moving, it is a question about if you are wiling to be moved by the power of the spirit, the Holy Spirit.

The Spirit of Christ Jesus is here and Jesus is saying that the Holy Spirit is our guide and comforter and then we will receive supernatural power through His Spirit, the Holy Spirit. John 14:16-18

The Holy Spirit will give us power when we need it, but we ought to live a life close to Him and in His presence, in the presence of God. We have to practice the presence of God in our daily lives. It is not only a one time experience, but a daily life with Jesus in His presence.

When we practice the presence of Jesus is in our lives we will see changes occur and everyday miracles start to happen. God is calling you, not to live a mediocre life, but a life where you will use your full potential to His glory. When we live in the presence of the Holy Spirit something happens with us and with people and the world around us. Romans 8

Practicing the presence of God is very powerful and uplifting! You can take some key Bible scriptures from the bible and memorize them and pray them out loud with all your heart. In this way, you speak the divine, inspired word of God into your life with your own mouth! Pray over these or just a single Bible scripture during the whole day. The bible says we should be praying in the Spirit all day. Another way to practice the presence of Jesus is to play some good worship on your sound system and worship and pray at the same time. It might seem odd to you but it is just as strong as when you are at a worship concert! Give your self 100% into the presence of the Holy Spirit and you will see His mighty power move! 2 Corinthians 3:18

Your life can be empowered by the most awesome holy presence in the world. The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Christ is Holy and God is calling us to be Holy and live a life in Holiness. Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and we have to keep our psychical bodies clean for us to receive in full what God has for us. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

No one is Holy, only God is Holy, but he sent His only Son, Jesus Christ to die on the cross for all our sins. He was resurrected three days after by the power of the Spirit. Jesus has all the power to set you free and forgive all of your sins and make you clean everyday. Ask Jesus to cleanse you everyday with His powerful saving and healing blood. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you up with His presence everyday.

You can be a healing tool for Christ if you believe. God is calling you to spread the fire of the Gospel no matter your past or what you think about yourself or what you think other people think about you!


About the Author
Peter Haahr Hansen is a young dynamic preacher and healing evangelist from Denmark, preaching the Gospel around the world with miracles, signs and wonders. Gospel Miracle Ministries.