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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Are All Prayers Answered?

This is a question that I think everyone has ask at one time or another in their life time.

Just because we don't see with our eyes something taking place that we prayed about. Does not mean our prayer was not answered. The Bible says that a wicked generation wants to see signs so that they will believe.

Our part is to pray that God's will be done. That is the only correct and Biblical way to pray. It is not about our wants. God knows what is best way to answer our prayers. He knows what will happen to us in the future, if He was to answer that prayer the way we want Him too.

In the Bible it says. If we pray by faith and do not waver in our faith. Our prayers will be answered. Do you believe that this is true? I know I do. But what is the deep spiritual meaning to this verse about "Do not waver in our faith?"

The true meaning of this verse is. To study the person in the Bible who knew how to pray and get every prayer answered.

That person is Jesus Christ.

When Jesus was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, He prayed. Father if it is your will let this cup pass from me. Never the less not my will but your will be done.

That My Brothers and Sisters in Christ is how everyone of us, that are of the Body of Christ should pray at all times. And if we truly trust in God's promises. We know that He will always do what is best for us.

It is not based on what we want or how we feel about something. It is always about what God wants and what He sees what is the best way to answer our prayers. We should never base our prayers on our feelings.

Most of us who are born again Christians have been misled by those who teach that God will give us the things we want. We act like spoiled children always wanting something. But never happy with what we already have. Many of us treat God as if He is Santa Claus. What a joke.

Jesus said that the multitude after He fed them. That they only follow Him because He fed them the other day. They only followed Him to get something. They loved to see what else they would get from Jesus. They followed Him thinking that they could live the good life now on earth.

If we always focus on the things that we can get on earth. We will not be focused on the things above. Because we will only be wanting something else later, so we can enjoy our life on earth. And that is true. Just look around you and you will see this taking place daily. Most people are living for the riches that they can gather on earth. Not focusing on the riches in heaven. How sad but it is true.

Example: Here is a prayer that I am praying for. But I am praying that if it is God's will I will receive it.

I am praying for God to bless me with an up to date Lap Top computer. So I can continue writing more booklets like this one. For the Glory of God.

Because the Lap Top I have right now, is full of problems and flat wore out.

Remember the example that Jesus taught us to pray.

1. First pray, for what you would like to have. Take this cup from me. (This is what Jesus wanted to happen)
2. Next pray, Never the less Father your will be done.

Now praying that way every prayer will get answered. God will answer every prayer according to His will not ours.

That my friend is how to get every prayer answered. By praying the way Jesus did.

Jesus Loves You