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Friday, December 18, 2009

The Diary Of The Cross

He sent me to go into the hedges, highways to share the love Of Jesus with everyone I met along the way. So I obeyed the call.

This is my story of a 375 mile journey that I was called to go and do in the name of Jesus. The message was only to share with everyone I met "Jesus Loves You". That was and is the message today.

The cross is the message of how much God Loves us.

This calling I received was not based on how far I would go, it was based on completing the task one step at a time. And that my friend is what I did.

That is me carrying the cross and my wife Linda and my two sons John and Scott. And she is two months pregnant with our third son Wayland.

Here is our story!

It all began on a cold December night. On Dec. 22,1984. Three days before Christmas at 11:23 pm. My wife and I and our two sons were living with my sister Diane in Guthrie, Okla. We lived in a two story house. I was reading the Bible by candle light. When the call came.

I knew in my heart that it was a call from God. Because there was no confusion, total peace filled my heart.

I was called to build a 12 foot by 6 foot 4X4 cross. It weighed 80 pounds. I was to carry a canteen of water. So I obeyed and built the cross. And I was not to take any money God would supply my needs.

At that time I was married to Linda. She was so touched by the presence of God that she wanted to go also. I said, sure, God knows what he is doing let's go. I got Linda a canteen. We left our two sons with my sister. And off we went.

It was so cold that morning, but we were not cold as we walked down the road carrying the cross. It was dawn just before day light. Not a cloud in sight. The stars looked so bright. I have never seen them shine so brightly. It seemed like all of Heaven was watching for a miracle to happen.

I knew I was to carry the cross to Okla.City. 32 miles away. We took some Gospel tracks with us to hand out to people we met along the way. Wow I love the feeling of not knowing what would happen or how we would eat on this journey. Total dependence on God. Remember, we had no money with us to buy food to eat.

Here is a sneak peak into what happened. God met our every need along the way.

The walk began about 2:38 am. We were about 4 miles from the highway that we would take as we headed to Okla. City. I35 South.

We reached the highway just before dawn. Linda and I were so excited that God had chosen us to go on this mission of love.

People driving down the highway in the North and South bound lanes of I35 where honking and waving as they drove by. They were so excited to see that Jesus is the reason for the season.

About 5 miles into our journey South bound on I35. A guy in a Cadillac pulled up behind us and stopped. A well dressed gentle man got out of the car. No one else was with him. He walked up to us as we waited for him. As he reached us and we said Jesus Loves You. He said nothing. But he had tears in his eyes. Wow something so powerful was taking place and Linda and I went to praying. We were praying a silent prayer.

See before we started walking with the cross Linda told me that she feels led to pray while I talk to the people along the way. I said that's great. God knows what He is doing.

When the guy reached the cross he touched it and started crying. He still said not a word. So I was saying a silent prayer for Jesus to help him with what ever he is dealing with and I felt a great peace come over me. And I looked at the guy and he said. Can I carry your cross. I said sure it's not mine. Jesus told me to carry it to Okla. City.

The guy picked up the cross and put it on his shoulder and began to walk. He was walking about 10 feet ahead of us. And Linda and I kept praying. Jesus was really doing something for this guy. And I knew in my heart that Jesus Loves him.

This Guy carried the cross about one mile and stopped. He turned around and said here, Thanks. And he walked back to his car. He did not say anything else. But Jesus was in control.

So I picked up the cross and continued the journey toward Okla. City. Children were waving at us as the cars went by. Truckers were honking as they drove by. Everyone seemed so excited to see the cross just 3 days before Christmas. Wow I was over whelmed with joy.

We reached the Edmond, Okla. exit and sat down under a bridge to rest a while. I had blisters on both feet. I told Linda. Jesus suffered a whole lot more than this. While we were resting we shared what had happened up to this point.

About this time I saw a semi truck stop on the opposite side of the highway on the North bound side. And the driver got out of the truck. The driver ran across the highway with two plastic bags in his hands. When he reached us he said, man you won't believe this. And I said what? He said you all are all over the CB Radio at least 15 miles North and South both ways. I said thank you Jesus.

I told the driver that Jesus Loves You. He said man I know it. He handed me the two plastic bags and said here is a little something for you all.

Now I will back up a moment here and remind you.

We took no money for food. Well Jesus met our needs along the highway at the Edmond, Okla. exit that day.

Here is a person that Linda and I have never met in our life. He was touched by God to buy us some Kentucky Fried Chicken and a coke a piece.

Yes, Jesus made sure we were fed so we could continue the journey with the cross.

The driver said, he has to get the load down the road. But told us Jesus Loves Us and he ran back to his truck and drove off.

Linda and I were praising God. Thanking Him for how He meets all our needs through out all our lives. So Awesome. What Great Love.

That was only the beginning of a 375 mile walk with the cross. Sharing the Love of Jesus.

Now 25 years later. I'm on a new journey through time and space. I am on a endless journey through cyber space. Sharing the Love of Jesus to countless millions web wide.

My mission is to share the same message that Jesus Loves You.


  1. Do you think that people who believe in a place where souls roast on the anvil of firey brimstone really care about you?

    I'm sure Yeshua cares about you, but do you really think you are representing him? Consider the power of what's in a name. There is no "J" in the Hebrew language; is it NOT possible that you are following and creating a fictional version of The Real Risen Savior And Lord?

  2. My dear friend-- what a heart you had then, and still have today. You are one humbles soul. And some people look at what you were doing in pure wonder and amazement of why would He create someone who loves Him so much-- maybe THEY should try it out too, that Jesus thing. And there are the others who glance and laugh and tease--but will remember years later. This I know so well. Lived thru it--was not a Christ follower nor know a thing about Him in my early 20's--but can look back now that I've accepted Him, and see the pattern He drew in my life-even then. Keep the faith!! Blessings to you!!!
    ~Heather Siebens @AliveinMe

  3. Thanks Heather for the awesome comment. To me it is people like you that makes life worth living. You are a true friend and sister in Christ Jesus

  4. Keep up the ministry GOD has called you to do! You are TRULY a vessel for GOD's LOVE of LIGHT to the lost! You have been a BLESSING to me for 25 years + ( since childhood : when we were growing up together ). your Sister DIANE

  5. Blessings to you all and may the peace of our Lord Stay with you.AS we move on into the promises,Stay firm in Trust dont look to the left or right as the deceiver is close at hand.Keep your eyes transfixed on what is heavenly and true.Seek wisdom for she is trustworthy.He will supply all needs to the obedient and humble.
    His word put to ART
    Much love and prayers go out to you. Sister in Yeshua the Messiah

  6. I love it !!! Thank you for amazing website!

  7. First of all thank you for your willingness to obey . And I would like to make a comment to the first gentlemen . Jesus is a english translation of the name Emmanuel which means God with us .Next the name is YAHWAH pronounced ya-sho-wa in hebrew I am am sure that He lovws you als . If you are going to try and mock some one at lest know what you are talking about . May YAHWAH bless you and keep your bro and truck on

  8. What great faith in the universe! Well done

  9. "I AM AMERICA the HOME of the FREE"

  10. I came across this blog while browsing the net.I stopped and read it and I love it. Thank you Jesus loves.

  11. It's always a pleasure to see inspiring words. This world is full of turmoil.