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Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm A Pilgrim For Jesus

I am called to share the Love of Jesus to the world. As I walk hand and hand with Jesus as He guides me. As a pilgrim I am walking in a strange land. Hebrews 11:13 & 1 Peter 2:11.

This earth is not my home. I am only passing through.

I seek to do God's will as I live in this world. I seek to live a life of simplicity for Jesus in a world that seems to be in chaos. Mark 8:34.

I am so over whelmed at the Love of Jesus. I want to be totally guided by His Love.

1 Corinthians. 13: the whole chapter tell us how to live our life, with the love of Christ Jesus.

I want His total inward peace and to have this I must repent of my sins and totally trust in Jesus and His righteousness alone. Now I must take up my cross and follow him. Mark 8:34.

Because I know Infinite Love approved it. So I shall obey the call from above.

I am absolutely amazed how patient God is with us. With tenderness He corrects our mistakes and brings us back to the path of obedience.

Our duty is to bear His cross and follow Him, not for us to worship it. Mark 8:34.

The problem today is a lot of people are still at the foot of the cross. Jesus said, for us to take up His cross and follow Him.

So the truth is the only way we can do anything for Jesus is follow Him and not to stay at the foot of the cross. The ministry of Jesus is moving not at a stand still.

So my question is? What are you doing for the Kingdom of God?

The Bible is a love letter from the heart of God. And His words will change your life, if you let them.

I truly want to follow in Jesus' footsteps as He guides me to share His message with the world of Love and Salvation. That can only be received through Him.

See, I have learned that Salvation is not some future reward. But it is an immediate enjoyment of Christ living in us on this earth today.

Jesus sought no earthly honors or no favors from this world. Jesus kept His eyes on Heaven. Not on the riches of this world.

To follow Jesus. You must follow Him in spirit first, then follow Him outward.

It is our duty as followers of Christ to give to the poor and needy. We are to become vessels of relief. And vessels of pure love. Jesus was a cheerful giver even giving His life for us so we could be saved.

I pray that I am always obedient to the Heavenly vision. I also pray that Jesus gives me the strength to endure to the end.

To follow Jesus is to be in the spirit of meekness and be patient. And I pray that I will not become weary in doing God's will, for I know in due season I shall reap the rewards, if I faint not.

When I got saved back in 1984. I gave my life to Jesus and He saved me from my sins. It was like a long lost child being welcomed home with loving joy. And to anyone out there in what seems like a uncaring world. There is hope. Jesus will be the only place were you will find true peace.

The burden that Christ will remove from you when you receive Him as your Savior and Lord is; The burden of guilt and remorse, fear and the freedom of being released from the slavery of sin.

But we all will still go through struggles from time to time in our life on this earth. No one escapes struggling in this life on earth.

Here is the most touchy subject I will share with you. I almost did not write this. But I truly felt the Holy Spirit nudging me to share it with you. So here it is.

The sad thing that I see today that bothers me the most. Is watching ministries promoting and selling things to make tons of money. I believe that we will soon see many ministries collapse financially. And people not knowing what to do. Why?

Because ministers are building mega ministries instead of building their life. They focus on selling programs, raise money, draw in more people so they can make more money. They can not end a service with out trying to sell you something. And that bothers me to the core of my spirit. Read Revelation 3: 13-22. Reveals the last days and the wealthy churches.

In 2 Corinthians 11: 23-27 Paul struggled all his ministry. He never had a nice home or a nice car or Lear Jets. He list all his struggles in 2 Cor. 11: 23-27. Check them out for yourself.

These rich ministers needs to let God strip them of their egos, pride. And become humble servants of the Lord instead of popular rich leaders.

I am called to be a pilgrim on a Heavenly mission. I pray that Jesus keeps us all from the temptation of pride. Thinking we are better then we really are. Trying our best to make others like us. Trying to fit in with the crowd.

We do not save the world by promoting a wealthy rich ministry. But by sharing the good news that Jesus was born of a virgin birth, lived a sinless life, was crucified. And arose from the dead. And is alive today offering us salvation by receiving Him as our Savior and Lord.

I claim this verse for me and my life on this earth and I live with trust in God that He will bring it to pass. Philippians 4:19 It says, "My God shall supply all my needs (Not Everything I Want) according to His Riches and Glory by Christ Jesus. Amen

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