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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Don't Let Your Sins Find You Out

This message will cover the subject of secret sins. I know that many of you wish they would remain secret. But will they?

I will start off by saying this first. Everyone of us have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God.

Everyone of us have done something in our life that we know that was not pleasing to God. So, none of us can point our fingers at anyone who has fallen into sin. If we do point our fingers at someone else who sinned. We become self righteous. And that is a dangerous possession to be in. Very dangerous.

God told everyone of us to repent of our sins and turn to Him. And receive His gift that He gave to everyone who will receive it. And that is His Son Jesus Christ who was born of a virgin birth. Lived a sinless life and taught us how to love and forgive each other and told us to help the poor people and the way to God. And He died on a cross. And God rose Him up on the 3rd day from the grave. And He is alive today. Offering us Salvation and forgiveness of our sins. And I will tell you the truth. Everyone of us sin daily. What sin have you committed today or just in the last hour? God knows what the sin was. You did not get away with it.

That is why we need Jesus in our life. To help guide us. And we can learn this by reading the Bible and praying to God in Jesus name. God will hear our prayers and help us in our time of need. But we must have faith in God. Because it says in the Bible. Without faith it is impossible to please God.

What was that sin you committed today, was it telling a lie to someone? Or did you get angry at someone? Is it you can not forgive someone, but you want people to forgive you?

God and you know what that sin was. Have you ever disobeyed your parents. Have you ever been guilty of sneaking out of your house. Sneaking around to commit a sin that will only lead to a disaster sooner or later. Your sin will soon find you out. Sinning is dangerous.

Sinning soon becomes like quicksand. The further we go the deeper we sink. Sin can be unforgiving sometimes. Let me explain.

Sin is also like a drug. It seems like some people enjoy sinning. The more they sin, they will soon become addicted to it. And they can't stop doing it on their own power. They will need help to break away from the withdraws of the sin that has a grip on their life.

Some people are sensitive about sinning and some are so numb to sinning, that it does not even bother them at all. All sins will lead to destruction in one way are the other. Sin is like fire. If you work around fire long enough sooner or later you will get burnt.

Now, I will go over some of the saddest consequences of messing around with sin. This is the hardest part for me to share with you all. But, it must be brought out into the light. And hopefully it will open up someones eyes to the dangers that sin can bring upon someone.

I will say it again. Sinning Is Dangerous. And Will Lead To Disaster. It it not something to be taken lightly.

The fallout of sin is killing everything in its path. It has no mercy on the guilty or the Innocent.

Have you ever heard someone say? You have the rest of your life ahead of you.

I have news for you, that is a lie. Why do I say that?

If it was true then explain to me? How can you explain to a mother who lost her unborn baby by miscarriage, that her child had the rest of its life ahead of it.

Now, I will show you that it does have some truth to it. Let me explain. The only way that statement could be true is if it is related to eternal life. Not to this life on earth. Then and only then it would be true. While I am on the subject of sinful lies that the world tells us all. Here is another lie from a worldly point of view.

When someone passes away, people will try to comfort the family and friends and say. God needed an angel. There are two lies to this statement. (1.) God has never needed anything. (2.) When someone dies they do not become angels. It says in the Bible, that we will judge angels. Not that we will become angels. I would rather someone tell me the truth or say nothing at all. I praise God for wisdom to discern the truth from a lie. Thank you Jesus for your wisdom.

Back to the subject of sin.

The dangers of sinning could cause server mental or physical and spiritual damage. And sometimes it will lead to death. Like drinking and driving. Or a drug overdose. Did you know that alcohol is really poison. That is why when someone drinks to much, the doctors calls it alcohol poisoning. And there are to many more problems that sin causes that I do not have the room to name them all in this message. But I think you get the picture.

Sin is so deceiving and cruel. Sin gets us to think in our mind. If I was to tell a little lie it will not hurt. What really takes place is this. It soon becomes easier and easier to tell the next lie and the next. Before long we can't tell if we lied or not. That is how sin works. It drags us deeper and deeper and keeps us longer than we want to stay. Always remember that before you think about committing you next sin.

One of the hardest sin to stop doing is what we speak. Everyone of us at one time or the other has said something to someone that we wish we could take back.

I pray that everyone who reads this message, will began to see the truth about the dangers of sinning. And let the Holy spirit reveal the depth of it to you. To show all of us how dangerous just a small sin can soon get out of hand.

Jesus Loves You

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