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Sunday, July 10, 2011

What It All Means To Me

It all began at 4 am Friday morning on 07-08-11. I started having server chest pains and could hardly breath. I put off waking my wife up. Hoping that the pain would stop. No matter how I would sit or lay on the couch the pain stayed the same.

So about 6 am two hours after it all began. I could not take it anymore. I woke my wife up and told her what was taking place in my chest. And she immediately took charge and took me to the Emergency Room.

And the doctors was all around me hooking me up to machines. And I looked to my left as all this was happening and I notice my wife Pat. And I felt a peace come over me. I have to say she is a amazing lady. She never left my side.

They gave me two morphine shots so I could breath over the pain. They finally put me in a small room so they could watch my vital signs. I stayed in that room till Saturday morning. They released me from the hospital at 10:30 am Saturday. I was in the hospital for 27 and half hours. They are still not sure what caused the pain and shortness of breath. I have to go for a stress test Monday.

I need to back up here and tell you what happened during the 27 and a half hours stay in the hospital.

While I laid on the hospital bed. I started thinking about all my family and friends. And I started praying to God. Thanking Him for such caring family and friends. That I know I don't deserve. But God see it differently. He loves us so much.

And I knew what was causing all the pain and shortness of breath, that was so server that they had to give me 2 morphine shots.

I was being attacked by the devil. He was out to get me. So I started praying. He is very angry at me because I post messages on my 2 blog sites, sharing the love of Jesus world wide. He would love to see me dead. But Jesus still has a mission for me to finish for him.

See, a sure sign of being a lukewarm christian is when the devil is not attacking you. Because you are not doing anything to be a threat to him. You could be walking with him, not against him.

I started rebuking the devil in the name of Jesus. As I laid there and my mind started to wonder as I watched my wife asleep in the recliner. I can not believe that God loves me so much that He gave me a gift to enjoy as my wife Pat. I really respect that lady.

How do you even start counting all your blessings that God gives us daily? We can't name them all. There are so many. All I could say in my prayer was. Thank you Jesus for everything.

The Two Blog Sites Must Be Completed Soon

As I laid there and my wife was asleep. My two blog sites came to mind. And a urgency came over me to complete my mission that Jesus has me doing. And that is to share the Gospel and try to reach as many people as I can world wide. I started to pray sincerely with all my heart that Jesus would some how some way, help me do what He has call me to do. And this verse came to me Psalms 37:4-5

4. Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

5. Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.

My God, I became so excited after reading these 2 verses. It help me to stay focused and continue writing what God has to say, to us today.

I realized, as I laid there in bed. I don't have a long time finish the race and the good fight. So I prayed that God will touch the messages, that He has me writing and sharing with you all. Hoping they will offer you all a ray of hope and to help you trust in Jesus and let Him speak to your heart by reading the Bible and through your prayers.

God gives us His gifts in this life, only to bless others, not for us to keep for our self.

It is still amazing to me that Jesus loves me so much. That He chose me to share His message of love with the beautiful people all over the world.

May God richly bless you and your family.

Jesus Loves You

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