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Friday, August 12, 2011

Pride Is The Leading Sin Of All Sins

Pride leads to most all other sins.

Let me explain:

When someone steals something from someone else. Stealing comes from the sin of pride. That causes that person who steals to believe that they deserve more then they have.

The sin of pride is the cause of most all unstable relationships. Because that person believes that they have the right to satisfy their desires for pleasures. At the cost of others.

The sin of pride will keep someone from having a peaceful and joyful life. And pride will also keep people from a loving relationship with their family and friends.

Pride will keep a person blind to their sins, that are causing all their unhappiness and needing a Savior. And they are always trying to avoid receiving Jesus as their Savior and Lord.

Pride is ruthless and selfish and will lead to total destruction. Pride causes someone to stay angry and refuse the love from someone who is trying to reach out to help them.

And pride will soon cause that person to despise love and cling to hate and revenge. Remember this, there will be no love in hell. It will be too late then.

The sin of pride causes people to believe that they should have things done their way all the time. They say no one understands me. When in truth they are selfish. Wanting things their way. Which in turn, causes their unhappiness and anger.

Pride causes people to become angry and hateful towards other people, and makes them want to get revenge on someone who has done them wrong. Instead of forgiving that person.

The sin of pride is cruel and will not forgive others and will lead to destruction and total failure.

Pride causes people to be proud. Thinking that they are better then the really are.

Pride causes people to talk about other people behind their backs and make fun of other people. Known as the sin of gossip.

Don't let the sin of pride cause you to stay angry and not forgive people. Pride causes people not to feel loved by others, and not to reach out to love others.

The sin of pride can even cause you not to remember when you was truly loved by someone.

Pride is as dangerous as poison. It slowly steals our joy and kills our happiness. And causes depression.

Pride causes us to put up walls to protect our self from being hurt again by someone.

And we put up fences in our life to keep others out. But what really happened is, we just locked our self in our own prison. And we are the only one who has the key to let our self out. And we soon start to believe that no one cares. In reality we won't let anyone close enough to help us.

Only Jesus can set you free from the bondage caused by the sin of pride.

Jesus Loves You

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