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Friday, September 10, 2010

When God Calls You

When God gives you a vision to reach souls for Him. You must keep a laser focus on that vision and let nothing side track you from the calling that God has given you to do for the Kingdom of God. And God will help you and use you to bring that vision to pass.

You have to realize that God has done everything He is going to do about the devil. Now it is up to us to take back everything the devil has taken from us in Jesus Name.

God does not meet us in our fear. He meets us in our faith. So step out in faith and God will be there helping you.

Your personal relationship with Jesus is based on what he has done for you. We are not to look to others as your role models. But look to Jesus and what He has done for you. That is what Jesus wants us to do. Keep our eyes on Him.

If we delight in each other, our family and friends. How much more does God delight in us?

In John 1:12 it says, But as many as (received) him Jesus, to them gave he power to (become) the sons of God, even to them that (believe) on his name.

What this verse is saying, How we become a child of God. 1. (Believe) that Jesus is the son of God. 2. (Receive) Jesus as our Saviour and Lord. 3. (Become) by believing and receiving Jesus as our Saviour and Lord we become a child of God and we are Saved. That is how simple it is to become a child of God and get Saved.

Did you know that it takes more faith to not believe in God. Then it does to believe in Him as your saviour and Lord.

There is power in the name of Jesus. When things around you start to get tough and seems to be falling apart just start saying Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. And watch with amazement how things start to change for the good around you.

I have been called by the Lord to share Jesus Christ by way of the Internet and I have a burden for souls. I have a language translator on my blog site were anyone can read it in their own language. That is so powerful to me and I thank God for it. And my prayer is that people world wide will come to know Jesus and receive Him as their Saviour and Lord. That is my calling from the Lord and that is what He wants me to do for Him. And I am laser focused on this mission for Jesus.

We as Christians need to win souls for Jesus. Time is short. We don't have much time left. So, please share Jesus with someone today.

Your outreach for Jesus to reach lost souls will come from your heart. And what comes from the heart will reach the hearts of many people.

Just start sharing Jesus from were you are right now and your outreach will grow beyond your wildest dreams.

You can take something that God has blessed you with and use it to bring souls into the Kingdom of God. Example: God has blessed me with a nice computer so I use it to reach souls for Christ world wide. And you can do the same.

God used me back in 1984 build a 12 foot by 6 foot cross and carry it over 375 miles sharing the love of Jesus with everyone I met along the way. And I also carried gospel tracks and handed them out also. Wow, what an awesome journey that was. I will never ever forget it the rest of my life. I was truly blessed by God to have been chosen to go on that journey. A mission of love. Thank you Jesus.

At that time I was also writing to prisoners. And they would share with me how my letter was the first letter that they have received since they have been in prison. They would tell me that their family has nothing to do with them now because they are in prison. I would get tears in my eyes and my heart would break as I would read their letters. We would have a great fellowship through the letters that we would mail back and forth to each other.

And to let you know. I never ran out of stamps and envelopes because God always provided enough so I could continue my prison outreach that He called me to do for the Glory of God. Thanks be to God.

Anyone of us can begin were we are and become a witness for Jesus. We can begin by sharing Jesus with our children and grand children. Or with our neighbors and friends. Just start were you are and it will grow from the first step that you take by faith. And Jesus will give you the words to say. Just trust in Him to guide you and he will. And he will make it come to pass.

Most people will say I am not ready yet to witness for Jesus. But, the real question is this. Are you willing to go and witness for Him? Remember, Jesus will give you the words to say at the right time when needed. And He will teach you as you go. Just be willing to go. He will open new doors for you as you obey the call and go and share His message of hope and love and forgiveness.

Anyone in the world were they are at right this moment, can call upon the name of Jesus and He will save them and come into their hearts and live His life through them.

Jesus loves you and has great things for you, all you have to do is receive Him as your Saviour and Lord, of your life. And He will save you from your sins and forgive you.

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