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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Grace vs The 10 Comandments ( The Law )

What you are about to learn by reading this article will stun you and inspire you all at the same time.

Text for this article today is from John 1:17 "For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ."

Reading this verse we learn that The law was given. But Grace came to us which means a live personal gift.

Under the Law of the 10 Commandments, God demands Righteousness. Under Grace, The New Commandment, God gave us Righteousness as a gift. So, Grace is the Gospel. Gospel means good news.

Under the law the soul that sins will die. But, under grace because of what Jesus did for us on the cross. Even though we sin, because we fall into sin sometimes, no more death for us. We ask God to forgive us for our sins and we are forgiven.

Under the law water was turned into blood resulting in death. Under Grace water was turned into wine. Resulting in life and celebration.

When God gave the law (10 Commandments) at Mount Sinai on Pentecost 3000 people died. When God gave the Spirit on Pentecost 3000 people was saved. Which proves that the law kills and the Spirit gives life. 2 Cor. 3:5-7.

It is time for us as Christians to realize that we are not living under the law (10 Commandments). If we are saved and received Jesus as our Saviour and Lord we are living under Grace.

The law of the (10 Commandments) is a ministry of death. 2 Cor. 3:5-7 we are under the New covenent of Grace. Grace Is a ministry of Life.. In John 3:16 it says, "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." We as Christians live under Grace. Read Rom. 6:14 "For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace."

The law teaches works of man. Like you shall not do this or that. When God gave the Spirit on Mount Zion. It teaches the wonderful works of God and not by our works.

Under the law mans works are magnified. Under the Grace Gods works are magnified. That is why we should not be preaching that we as Christians are under the law the
(10 Commandments).

If churches are focused on teaching only the 10 Commandments as the Gospel, then they are preaching the ministry of death. When they should be teaching what Jesus taught the Gospel the ministry of life. The Pharisees was totally and always corrected by Jesus all the time. Because they only taught the message of death the 10 commandments the law.

Through the death and Resurrection of Jesus, Jesus over paid off the debt what we owed.


Say you owe someone 1000 dollars. And you are worried sick over the debt you owe. And you know if you do not pay the debt you will lose every thing. OK, now someone comes along and realizes the crisis you are in.

So, that person deposits in your bank account 1 Billion dollars. What that person just did for you was pay off your 1000 dollar debt plus added so much extra cash in your account. So, that anything else that person might owe in the future will be paid in full.

That my friend, is exactly what Jesus did for us, for those who have received Him as their Saviour and Lord. Oh my God. What an awesome God we serve. Thank you Jesus. That is how much God Loves Us.

See, a debt that we can not afford to pay back, makes us avoid the person we owe the debt too.

So, the law makes us try to avoid God because we can not pay the debt we owe. Now that Jesus over paid the debt that we owed God. Now we can come joyfully before God. Because we know the truth. And knowing the truth, it has set us free. This is the wisdom of God. Now we can enjoy our walk and life in Jesus Christ. We have no need to be afraid and have sad faces. We are happy children of God, knowing God has our backs and we are not to worry about anything. God is in control of every thing.

So, it is very important we all understand this. We are no longer under the law. We are under Grace. The law is a ministry of death and Grace through Jesus Christ we are under the ministry of life.

Jesus says, you can not put new wine (Grace) in old wine skins (Law). So, you are either living under the law (Not saved) or you are living under (Grace) Born again saved Christian.

The ministry of grace reveals to us that we enjoy the goodness of God that we do not deserve. Because Jesus received all our bad. Yes, Jesus received all our bad and sad life that we had no hope, so we can receive a healthy and happy life through Him.

The law is like a mirror. So, when we look in the mirror and see a blemish on our face. We do not use the mirror to remove the blemish. The mirror only reveals the blemish but it can not remove it or heal it. That is what the Law does. It only reveals our blemish.

Under the law in the old testament of the Bible. If a person touched a leper that person became unclean. When Jesus under the ministry of grace touched a leper, the leper became clean.

From the journey from Egypt to Mount Sinai not one person died even though they sinned. This was a journey of Grace. That is what we are under today. The Grace of God. Thank you Jesus.

This walk under Grace was not based on their obedience or their faithfulness. It was based on Gods faithfulness. So, on this journey of grace not a single person died out of 2 million people.

There was a study done a while back, that it would take around 50 train cars a day to feed this many people. And God was faithful to his people and fed them all, plus all the animals.

At Mount Sinai the people boasted and said, we will do what ever God tells us to do. Then God gave them the 10 Commandments. Then people started to die. They tried to please God by their good works. They tried to earn favour with God.

See, the same sin at the parting at the Red Sea. They murmured at the Red Sea and no one died. But after the law was given the same sin of murmuring the people died. The law is a ministry of death. But the Ministry of Grace is the ministry of life.

One time the Pharisees brought to Jesus a woman caught in adultery. I was wondering why did they not bring the man also?

The Pharisees said, Jesus, The law says, she should be stoned to death. They said, what do you say about this Jesus?

Jesus stooped down and wrote on the ground with His finger. He was demonstrating to them, are you going to present me with the 10 Commandments? Jesus was revealing a message to them at that moment while He was Writing on the ground. I am the one who gave the law. The Pharisees was actually challenging the law giver. Jesus said, he who is without sin throw the first stone.

See, the Pharisees thought they had Jesus between a rock and a hard place. When in reality Jesus had them between a rock and a hard place. Between the Law and Grace. The old covenent the Law and the new covenent Grace.

Only Jesus could have thrown the first stone. And the Pharisees would have thrown the stones if they could have. They loved to condem people with the law. Jesus represented the ministry of Grace. The Pharisees represented the ministry of death, the Law. And Grace won...

And after the Pharisees left. Jesus stooped down again and wrote on the ground again for the second time. Why? Because the law was given twice. The second time the law was given, it was to be placed under the mercy seat of the ark of the covenent. This was the time of the ministry of Grace, Life. See mercy and grace is at the heart of God. And that is LOVE. For God is LOVE.

We as Christians are not under condemnation. Because we are condemned no more under the law. The law of death has no hold over us. Because of what Jesus did for us at the cross. And being saved we do not want to sin anymore.

In Gal.5:4 it says, if we try to live our christian life by trying to keep the law then we make Christ of no effect and we have fallen from grace.

See, falling from grace is not caused by some sin we did. Falling from grace is falling under the law. Because we are trying to keep the 10 Commandments to please God.

Once you put yourself under your own trust and in your own doing of good to make right decisions and work out your own favour with God. God says, you have left the realm of unmerited favor.

Sin can not stop Gods grace. But Gods grace can stop sin. Your faith makes you whole. Faith comes out of the realm grace. The law makes faith void and of no effect. Rom. 4:13,14. In God we have become Abraham's seed. Grace is enough to make you a friend and child of God. By recieving Jesus as your Saviour and Lord.

The reason we do not see the blessings of God in our lives, is because we are trying to live under the law. By trying to do good to please God.

What voids faith? Void means empty or worthless. It is not sin that voids faith. What makes the promises of God of no effect? It is not sin... It is that we are trying to get it through our obedience and good works. The Law.

To receive Gods promises, they can only be received by faith. And then start looking around you as all of Gods blessings start manifesting before your eyes. And the blessings are not received by our good works to please God.

So, what voids faith is the law. Law is what you have done. But under grace we rest in faith and trust God. And put aside trying to please God. It will not work anyway. So, why waste your time doing things that are no effect or will not please God anyway? Just rest in faith and trust in God... To full fill His promises.

The secret of great faith. Just study the two people that Jesus said had great faith, They both was not learned in the law. They was only focused on Jesus and His grace.

The base of the law is based on demand. So, any time you are over whelmed with demand, you are under the law. The base of grace is based on supply that is all ready available to you. Just waiting for you to ask God for it, through prayer and believe you received it by faith. And it is yours for the taking. So what ever God calls you to do for Him under grace the supply is already there to complete the task.

When Jesus said, it is finished on the cross. At that very moment God released a great flood of grace. And we are no longer under the law. Because the law demands us to do something to earn our worthiness. But under Grace God has done every thing for us to became worthy. And we receive it by faith.

See, we do not pray for victory. We pray from the realm of victory. See, Jesus knew this truth about believing and praying from the realm of victory. When He prayed over the 5 loafs and 2 fish to feed the 5000 plus people. He started his prayer by saying, I thank you Father for hearing my prayer. He started his prayer by praying from the realm of supply. He did not pray for the supply to be met. And that is how we need to learn how to pray.

What we need to do, is pray our prayers from the realm of victory, and seeing with the eye of faith that our request is already being taken care of at that very moment in Jesus Name.

Then we need to move on and do not hang around to see if the miracle has taken place. Why? Because signs and wonders follow us. They will happen as we move on to the next task, that God has put before us to do.

I know from with in my spirit that God has called me to share the Gospel through the Internet. And I know that the supply is already there to complete this mission. And I also know that signs and wonders will follow me as I obey this call that God has called me to do. And many people world wide will be saved because God will see it come to past for His Glory. Amen and Amen... Thank You Jesus...

So, thanking God for answering your prayers when you pray them, is revelation of grace. Grace and thanks goes together when praying. Thanking God that He hears and will answer your prayers. That is praying in the realm of faith.

When Jesus saw the two small fish and 5 loafs to feed 5000 plus people. Jesus by faith seen from the realm of supply. The disciples saw from the realm of demand, there was to many people for the supply of the 2 fish and 5 loafs to feed that many people.

They saw it from the realm of limit. And they said, Lord send these people away. Jesus said a prayer, He said, Father I thank you. See, Jesus saw through the eye of faith, and looked up to Heaven and gave thanks. And the food multiplied. See, the supply of God is always flowing. When we learn to see things through the eye of faith. We will see the supply from God is always flowing. And then we will have no room for doubt in our heart.

So, we are not living under grace if we worry about things or worry about the future. See, grace is for today. One day at a time...

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