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Friday, May 20, 2011

Leave - While There Is Still Time

We as Christians need to forsake the snares of this world and start seeking God with a pure heart. We are in a spiritual battle for our souls.

It's time to leave and come out from among them. We need to run for our lives while there is still time. Because this is all about your soul.

We are living in a generation that mocks us and God and we live among them and some of us do as they do. And a lot of us don't even repent of our sins. Our conscience has been sheared with a hot iron. That we can't tell the difference between good and evil. Run - get out while you still can before it's to late.

Leave and run from those who teach the false teachings of the Prosperity gospel message. Escape while there is still time. Don't let them deceive you. Get away far away from those who only use Jesus' name to get rich. They are only using Jesus' name to pick your pocket. They are getting richer every week and they leave you to struggle to pay your bills.

Get out while you still can. Hurry! Run from churches were there is no repentance of sin and were they do not teach about the blood of Jesus. And forsake the churches that forsake the teaching about hell. They say there is no hell. Run get out.

Run into the arms of Jesus.

Until next time may God Bless you and your family.

Jesus Loves You...

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